Tyler on the ramparts of Vyšehrad, Prague

Hi, I'm Tyler Evert

I'm a software engineer in southeast Wisconsin. My main area of interest is in the field of DevOps, and helping companies hit a higher-performing state. I also love to travel, and spend most weekends gaming with friends. Feel free to reach out on any medium above if you want to talk about technology, travel, or anything else!

What is a "foxgang"?

"Foxgang" is a name I coined when I was 6 years old and decided I didn't like "Tyler". I've used it in gamer tags and such since then, where the availability of "tevert" wasn't a guarantee. I've also used it here, because tylerevert.com was claimed by a photographer from West Virginia by the same name. Damn him and his good eyes.

Current Projects:


A cryptocurrency trader bot - see the Github's README for details on the algorithm, and the Github issues for the upcoming roadmap. The main logic is written as a .NET console app. I may add a web UI to it in the future, but only so I can obssess over the data. Right now I'm keeping the meat of it in an EXE running on a protected VM, to make security more straightforward.



Getting reliable feedback is notoriously difficult. This simple moodboard is designed to make the act of submitting feedback as effortless as possible, making itself appealing by its simplicity. For best results, put it on tablets in fullscreen mode and scatter them throughout the area! The site is a .NET MVC webapp hosted in Azure. The live site provided is an excellent sandbox to try out, but is hosted on Azure's potato-tier of service.

A simple moodboard

Recent Talks:

Scaling Agile with DevOps

There’s a lot of ambiguity in the industry about what DevOps really is, how it relates to Agile, and where and why it can be helpful. I gave this talk to a scaled agile meetup group in the Chicago area, to help clear some of that up.

Title slide - Scaling Agile with DevOps